Spectrolite is a Mac desktop app by ANEMONE to make colorful 🌈 risograph prints more easily.

Currently an alpha version is available. That means the software works, but it's limited in what it can do and can be quite slow to process large images right now. We really appreciate your patience and willingness to try out something new that might not quite work all the time!

Spectrolite currently only works on macOS Catalina. We're working on something that will work for older Macs too.

Are you on mobile? Don't download the huge .dmg app to your phone, instead...

The first time you open the Spectrolite app, you're going to get a warning from Apple, saying that they can't verify the developer. That's because we haven't registered with Apple yet. We will eventually do this, feel free to wait for the Apple-official version.

To open the app, you need to right/control click on the Spectrolite icon in the applications folder and select "open" from the shortcut menu. Then it will give you the option to open and use the app. You don't have to do this every time, just the first time. For more, see Apple's instructions.

You can see our working document, give feedback with this form, and get updates from the ANEOMNE newsletter and @anemone.es on Instagram.